The Central Florida Hockey Club is committed to delivering the most comprehensive hockey program offered in Florida. As a Positive Coaching Alliance certified organization our goal is to maximize each players skill level to his or her personal best.



Develop Florida youth athletes to their greatest potential; on- and off-the ice


Create and inspire a passion and love for the game of hockey by developing and supporting our athletes in their goals and ambitions along their playing journey


Our organization is made whole by each and every member, strengthened on the foundation of support, respect and integrity to our community, teams and players



Support of our hockey family and local community is paramount. 

  Your teammates count on you.    Each member of the organization is the backbone    of our team and community.    
 Without that, we would not have the privilege of being able to bring the love of the game to our organization. Among our membership, we strive to develop excellent citizens inspiring and delivering a strong and vibrant community. Doing good at all levels while we grow the passion for the game of hockey in each and every way possible; from supporting the highest level professional teams to being an inspiration for the first time skater; we as good citizens, strive to be a champion for every person in our local community.   Whether on the ice or off, our expectation is for each person in our membership – player, family, coaching staff and leadership -  to deliver their personal best, at all times, supporting the greater team they are a part of. It is up to each one of our members to be a great teammate, not just in our sport but also in life, because without your team, there is no victory.  

We commit to growing each and every member of the organization to their greatest ability, acumen and desire for the game, no matter the level each would like to personally put into their development.