The Central Florida Hockey Club is committed to delivering the most comprehensive hockey program offered in Florida. As a Positive Coaching Alliance certified organization our goal is to maximize each players skill level to his or her personal best.



Board of Directors

Orlando Youth Hockey Association / Central Florida Hockey Club

Below is a brief overveiw of some of the postions of the Board of Directors


The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the members of the board of directors. He/she shall have all of the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of the president of a corporation, including, but not limited to, the power to call meetings of the board of directors, to appoint officers pro tempore, and committees from among the membership. From time to time he/she may, in his/her discretion, decide what is appropriate to, and assist in the conduct of affairs of the corporation.



The Past President shall be responsible to ensure that all board activities have continuity from one term to the next. This person’s role is to act as a guide for the President and the board drawing upon past history and lessons learned from previous operations. When a President is elected, this person shall assume the Past President Directors position when his/her term is complete as a President.


The Vice President, in this precedence, may take the place of the President, and perform his/her duties whenever the President shall be absent or unable to act. If either the President or the Vice President are unable to act, the board of directors may appoint some other member to do so on an interim basis.

The Vice President shall have responsibility of the committees as appointed by the President. The Vice President shall also perform such other duties as shall from time to time be assigned by the President or the majority of the board of directors.



The Recording Secretary shall keep the corporate records, including the minutes of all meetings of the board of directors and of all meetings of the members of the corporation. He/she shall have custody of the seal of the corporation, the corporate records, and shall have charge of the membership transfer records and of other such books and papers as the board may direct. He/she shall perform and carry out all corporate duties incident to the office of the Recording Secretary.



The Treasurer shall have the responsibility for the corporate funds and securities and shall be responsible for maintaining full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements in records belonging to the corporation. He/she shall be responsible for the deposit of all moneys and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit, of the corporation in such depositories as may from time to time be designated by the board of directors.



The Registrar shall be responsible for dealing with U.S.A Hockey and its designees in all facets, including, but not limited to, registrations, insurance, player forms, coaches forms, requests to attend tournaments, and all correspondence regarding same. He/she shall be responsible for registration of new and existing players.



The Ice Den Operations Manager will serve as liaison between the organization and the rink and represents the rink’s interest in issues governing the growth and direction of the club.



The Ice Den Hockey Team Leader represents RDV Sportsplex Ice Den’s hockey department. The Hockey Team leader will act as rink liaison in the absence of the Ice Den Operations Manager.



The Coaching Director shall be responsible for recruiting and organizing the coaching staff and players required for the individual teams and insuring the quality and overall continuity of the hockey program.



The Public Relations Director shall send out any official notices via any electronic, website updates, or other media on direction of the President, or as otherwise provided herein and promote the club in good standing with the community. He/she shall takeover for the Recording Secretary upon his/her absence. The Public Relations Director may designate a person to act as a corresponding secretary, who shall send out official notices on direction of the President and/or Public Relations Director.



The Team Manager Director is responsible for representing to the board the voice and concerns of the organization’s teams as conveyed by the team managers, and to disseminate information from the board to the team managers.



The Tournament Director shall be responsible for procuring the facilities and volunteers necessary or required to enable the corporation to successfully conduct home hockey tournaments each year. The Tournament Director’s duties shall include, but not limited to, promoting and advertising, scheduling and reserving ice time, team registrations, insurance, referees, and all other correspondence regarding same.



The Apparel Director shall be responsible to select, procure, coordinate, and distribute all team uniforms and apparel for practices, league play, and tournaments. This includes but not limited to jerseys, socks, garment bags, polo shirts, hats, pins, pucks, first aid kits, etc.



The Fund Raising Director shall be responsible to carry out the fund raising activities as approved by the board of directors in accordance with the operating budget. 


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Applications for becoming a member of the board are available here.