The Central Florida Hockey Club is committed to delivering the most comprehensive hockey program offered in Florida. As a Positive Coaching Alliance certified organization our goal is to maximize each players skill level to his or her personal best.



Home Training Videos 

Training at home and alone can be tough at times, but off-ice training is a huge component if your hockey player really wants to excel in their game. Below are some basic drills you can do at home to keep your game strong


Skill of the Week:

Stickhandling Dribble

Use a wooden ball because it will move faster than a puck moves on ice – a key to developing the soft hands that every player wants.

  • Gently tapping the ball back and forth
  • Head up/Eyes up
  • Squat position
  • Top hand wrist is doing most of the work
  • Light pressure on the bottom hand (mostly there for support)  
  • Work in front of your body and to sides

Please wear your hockey gloves


Conner McDavid / Gary Roberts

Hockey Challenge

Test your skills against the Conner McDavid and Gary Roberts hockey challenge

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8U/10U Focus

Have fun!


12U/14U/16U/18U Focus

Work hard!

  • Connor/Gary workout - 4 sets in a row
  • Speed workout
  • Box Jumps - (If you don't have a box, just pull knees up) - 1 per set
  • Triple Broad Jump - 1 per set
  • Mountain Climber Sprint - 1 per set (switch feet every set)
  • 3 exercises back to back to back:
  • Alternating Split Squat Jump - 5 per set on each side

Goalie Drills

Extra Goalie-only videos in addition to age group drills


Nutrition Guidelines from USA Hockey

Check out the moderate training meal plan ideas. These will be a good guideline until we are actively back on the ice


Tom Brady (TB12) Favorite Smoothie


Check out some of the tips from a top athlete. THE FOOD choices you make in the morning can have a profound effect on the rest of your day


Speed/Agility/Coordination Training 

8U – 18U

20-40 minutes (3 times per week)

All drills are done for SPEED

Make a ladder with chalk or hockey tape if you don’t have a ladder


Additional Drills for 14/16/18u


  • 2 two-foot jumps and take off in sprint (about 25 yards, repeat 10 times)
  • Quick feet for 5 seconds and take off in sprint (about 25 yards, repeat 10 times)
  • 10 minutes of ab work