The Central Florida Hockey Club is committed to delivering the most comprehensive hockey program offered in Florida. As a Positive Coaching Alliance certified organization our goal is to maximize each players skill level to his or her personal best.




RDV Sportsplex – Sports Club (Gym) Side – Conference Room
8701 Maitland Summit Blvd
Maitland, FL 32751

Saturday, May 18

All Age Divisions 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (open appointments)

It is required for you to bring your equipment to fit shells and jerseys to size.


2019-2020 Players are required to have CFHC Bears official:

Home / Away Jerseys and Socks

Purple Shell

Warm up track suit

Dry fit attire – shirt/shorts

Team Polo (12U and older)

Equipment Bag 

Helmet Stickers (CFHC Bears Logo and Number set)

(all returning players from 2018-2019 Fall season may use attire from prior year providing items are in quality condition and free of stains, tears and/or discoloration)


White Hockey Helmets will be a required* uniform item beginning with the 2019-2020 Season. 

As an option, CCM and Bauer brand representatives will be on-site with helmets available for order at a substantially reduced cost, for any player that needs to or would like to order one. 

*You may choose to use your own white (certified) helmet for the season and are not required to use an on-site vendor. Goalies will not be required to wear white mask.


Optional Attire - CFHC Bears official:

CFHC Purple / Orange Gloves (limited quantities and sizes available at fitting day)


If you have any additional questions about fitting day please email the Apparel Coordinator, Alicia Chea-Junga